As an entrepreneur, you think that you need to work for 24×7 in order to make your business successful. However, this is not true. In your business, you need to determine which type of work you should do and which you shouldn’t. by Mypostgator

Cash in advance – It means you have done the selling, take the advance, but not given the product or service to the customers yet. For example, in a gym membership, the money is taken in advance, but the service is given in the next 12 months. by Mypostgator

If you want to grow your business, then you need to competitor’s analysisIt might be difficult to learn from your competitor’s analysis but it is necessary to learn from them. by Mypostgator

There are various processes in your company like finance, HR, marketing, sales, etc. and the audit of every process gives you a clear picture of their respective departments. The audit also gives clarity on whether you have achieved your goals or not by Mypostgator

What is ESOPs

ESOP means giving some shares of the company to your employees because they are available to you whenever you needed whether it is the day, night, a holiday, or a festival.  They work with the same dedication as you do for your company. by Mypostgator

Do successful Email marketing
  • Decide the frequency of one type of email
  • Whether you should send one type of email many times or different type of emails every time 
  • Decide the time when you should send the email whether you should send it in the morning or evening by Mypostgator
7 tech based startup

You must have heard that so many startup is coming and getting billions of dollars in funding. You must be thinking about why these startup are getting so many funds, what they are doing, and what business models they are using. by Mypostgator

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